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LOCOMACHS featured in Clean Sky's Skyline magazine

Maria Weiland was invited to present LOCOMACHS in the March edition 2016 (n°18) of Clean Sky's Skyline magazine. The article can be found on page 9.


Variation Simulation During Assembly of Non-rigid Components. Realistic Assembly Simulation with ANATOLEFLEX Software
14th CIRP CAT 2016 - CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing

Technology breakthroughs

Within the LOCOMACHS project the step change will be to develop missing emerging technologies and integrate them with existing ones to create cost efficient part manufacturing and assembly of composite, metal and hybrid airframe structures.

The main technology breakthroughs are

  1. Novel reinforced joining techniques in composites and hybrid stacks – to create strong mechanical-and-bond hybrid joints between laminates
  2. AM-process (Additive Manufacturing) for shimming –  to automatically manufacture and apply shim material directly to composite parts
  3. Automated high speed novel NDI/NDT-techniques – to speed up inspection and interpretation of inspection results of composite parts
  4. Tolerance management based on dynamic material behaviour and SPC-data – to contribute to DFMA including minimizing the need of assembly tooling
  5. Innovative design solution for highly integrated wing torque box – to minimize the number of part interfaces to manage within the assembly of a wingbox
  6. Compact automation for assembly in low access areas – to be able to automate traditionally manual operations such as drilling, swaging, sealing and inspection in low access areas.
  7. Automation and humans in cooperative assembly operations – to facilitate parallel automated and manual assembly operations in common work areas.
  8. Innovative joining design solutions for shim free assembly – to reduce and eliminate the need of shimming in airframe part interfaces
  9. Automated gaps & steps metrology solutions – to reduce or eliminate part handling for measuring gaps & steps and to integrate the metrology solutions with AM-processes
  10. Automated high speed non-contact hole inspection techniques – to automate and speed up hole inspection and in real time apply sampling for reduced inspection
  11. Innovative intelligent drilling solutions – to minimize “cost per hole” and improve hole quality by optimizing the drilling process for drilling in hybrid stacks of composite and metal parts
  12. Integrated active flexible assembly tooling system – to handle geometrical variations in airframe parts by controlled movements to close part interface gaps