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LOCOMACHS featured in Clean Sky's Skyline magazine

Maria Weiland was invited to present LOCOMACHS in the March edition 2016 (n°18) of Clean Sky's Skyline magazine. The article can be found on page 9.


Variation Simulation During Assembly of Non-rigid Components. Realistic Assembly Simulation with ANATOLEFLEX Software
14th CIRP CAT 2016 - CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing


The expected outcome of LOCOMACHS will be driven in terms of time, cost, quality savings and their assessment and trade-off against existing processes and designs. The main LOCOMACHS results will be:

  • A set of design and manufacturing rules to take full account of the assembly constraints in the design phase of product development leading to more accurate parts and less structural joints.
  • Manufacturing and assembly trials showing feasibility of individual process improvements, such as curing, cobonding, shimming, drilling, fastening, sealing and inspection.
  • Physical demonstrations of integrated technologies to show improvements in manufacturing processes and new assembly architecture concepts to avoid using non-added value operations in assembly processes. These demonstrations will be centred around two physical demonstrators:
    • Lean Assembled Wing Box (LAWiB) demonstrator
    • More Integrated Wing Box (MIWiB) demonstrator 

The demonstrators will highlight the combined use of technologies and processes and will be compared to existing composite designs and assemblies.

  • Virtual demonstrations of integrated technologies to improve new design related processes. This will be performed on two demonstrator designs:
    • the Lean Assembled Wing Box demonstrator (LAWiB)
    • the Reference Fuselage demonstrator (ReFus).

The results will be verified and demonstrated through the design improvements made to the physical LAWiB demonstrator.

  • Virtual demonstration based on extrapolation of the technology feasibility test results to representative complex larger aircraft assembly units. This virtual demonstrator is:
    • Reference Wingbox (ReWiB) demonstrator for virtual demonstration of lean manufacturing and assembly production flow (based on the design from a previous Bombardier wingbox demonstrator).