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LOCOMACHS featured in Clean Sky's Skyline magazine

Maria Weiland was invited to present LOCOMACHS in the March edition 2016 (n°18) of Clean Sky's Skyline magazine. The article can be found on page 9.


Variation Simulation During Assembly of Non-rigid Components. Realistic Assembly Simulation with ANATOLEFLEX Software
14th CIRP CAT 2016 - CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing

News & Events


The LOCOMACHS project has released its online Results Catalogue here.

Maria Weiland (SAAB AB), LOCOMACHS Project Coordinator won the 2016 European Manufacturing Leadership Award.

Magnus Engström (SAAB AB), LOCOMACHS Technical Director, will present the LOCOMACHS project at the next SAE Conference taking place on October 4-6, 2016 in Bremen (Germany).

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden | Duration: 3 days

We are pleased to announce that Maria Weiland (SAAB Aeronautics), LOCOMACHS Coordinator, will be a Keynote Speaker at the 6th CIRP Conference on Assembly Technologies and Systems taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 16-18th 2016.

We are excited to announce that the Advanced Aerostructure Technology Forum 2016 will be taking place at Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre on the MTC's campus in Coventry on Thursday 16th June 2016. This one day conference marks the final dissemination event for the ground-breaking LOCOMACHS project and presents an exciting opportunity for attendees to see the results of the project through key presentations from leading partners and innovative live demonstrations.

Location: The MTC, Coventry, UK | Duration: 1 days

The Advanced Aerostructure Technology Forum 2016 will be taking place at Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre on the MTC's campus in Coventry on Thursday 16th June 2016.

NDT videos

The LOCOMACHS project has produced a set of videos explaining how NDT technologies has been developed by our partners, watch them on this website or on youtube. 


There is still an opportunity to present papers and results from Locomachs (or other research projects) at the CIRP CAT (Computer Aided Tolerancing) or CIRP CATS (Conference on Assembly Technologies) conference in May 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Location: Braunschweig | Duration: 1 days

The Institute of Adaptronics and Functional Integration (iAF) of TU Braunschweig is pleased to invite all LOCOMACHS partners (and others interested in the subject) to the festive commissioning of the new Mobile Layup Platforms delivered in late September.

LOCOMACHS partners DLR and Bombardier have won the JEC Americas 2015 (Houston) Innovation award for their work on ultrasound process monitoring with a network of low-cost sensors.

Location: Technocampus Nantes | Duration: 1 days

The LOCOMACHS project is organising a one day public workshop entitled "Innovative and Lean NDT technologies for Composite materials and Structures in Aeronautics", on the 29th September 2015 at the Technocampus in Nantes, France.

The LOCOMACHS project participated at JEC Europe 2015. Representatives of LOCOMACHS partners involved in design, production and assembly of composites and composite structures were present in the LOCOMACHS booth during the JEC show. This allowed for networking, presenting results and performing live demonstrations. A composite wing rib produced by DLR was exhibited, together with an accompanying video showing the different steps of its manufacturing. Furthermore, LOCOMACHS partner SONAXIS performed live demonstrations of ultrasound probes for air-coupled ultrasonic testing through-out the event.

Location: Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France | Duration: 3 days

The LOCOMACHS project will participate in the 50th session of JEC Europe Composites Show and Conferences, in Paris on the 10-12th March 2015. This annual show in Paris is a major global composite event. LOCOMACHS will be present with a booth and 5 talks at the Aeronautics conference.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden | Duration: 1 days

Magnus Engström, the Technical Director of LOCOMACHS, will talk at the 20th annual Swedish event ”Monteringsforum” (Assembly Forum), in Stockholm, 18th March 2014.

Swedish Production Symposium

Location: Göteborg, Sweden | Duration: 3 days

Several LOCOMACHS partners will participate in Swedish Production Symposium 2014, organised 16-18th September in Göteborg, Sweden. It will be the 6th symposium in the series, and the theme this year is « Sustainable and Competitive Production ».

Location: Coventry, UK | Duration: 2 days

LOCOMACHS partner MTC, in collaboration with hexagon metrology, organises a workshop on automated metrology solutions on the 5th December, 2013, at the MTC. Meeting delegates will be given the opportunity to visit the MTC, attend live demonstrations and discuss the latest developments within these technologies. In conjunction with this meeting, LOCOMACHS SP3 will organise an internal meeting on the 4th December, to discuss assembly of the LAWiB and MIWiB demonstrators.

Location: Milan, Italy | Duration: 3 days

During the 3rd EASN workshop on Aerostructures in Milan, 9-11th October, 2013, Luca Bottero, from LOCOMACHS partner Alenia Aermacchi, will give a talk entitled “LOw COst Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures (LOCOMACHS): An overview Presentation”.

Location: Linköping, Sweden | Duration: 4 days

The LOCOMACHS Coordinator, Maria Weiland, will talk at the CEAS European Air & Space Conference 2013, in Linköping (Sweden). Her talk, entitled “Challenges in national and international R&T collaboration projects”  concerns the European FP7 project LOCOMACHS and the Swedish VINNOVA project GF Demo.

The LOCOMACHS Coordinator, Maria Weiland (SAAB), will talk at CEAS 2013.


LOCOMACHS Kick-off meeting

Location: Linköping - Sweden | Duration: 2 days

On the 12th and 13th September, 75 participants from all over Europe gathered in Linköping for the Kick-Off of LOCOMACHS. LOCOMACHS is a research project co-funded by the EC within in the Seventh Framework Programme, and its aim is to reduce the number of operations that do not add value in the airframe assembly of composite and metal parts.