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LOCOMACHS featured in Clean Sky's Skyline magazine

Maria Weiland was invited to present LOCOMACHS in the March edition 2016 (n°18) of Clean Sky's Skyline magazine. The article can be found on page 9.


Variation Simulation During Assembly of Non-rigid Components. Realistic Assembly Simulation with ANATOLEFLEX Software
14th CIRP CAT 2016 - CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing

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LOCOMACHS Kick-off meeting

Location: Linköping - Sweden | Duration: 2 days

On the 12th and 13th September, 75 participants from all over Europe gathered in Linköping for the Kick-Off of LOCOMACHS. LOCOMACHS is a research project co-funded by the EC within in the Seventh Framework Programme, and its aim is to reduce the number of operations that do not add value in the airframe assembly of composite and metal parts.

Maria Weiland, Saab Aeronautics, Coordinator of LOCOMACHS.

LOCOMACHS stands for Low Cost Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures. The goal of the LOCOMACHS project is to significantly reduce or totally eliminate the most time-consuming and hence expensive non-added value operations, e.g. reduce temporary assembly to check gaps by 30%, reduce shimming by 50%, reduced NDI (Non destructive inspection) lead time by 30%. The aim is also to increase the amount of automated operations within the airframe assembly.

Today, many operations in the airframe assembly process do not add value and are mainly due to geometric variations in the composite material. The project will study and develop technologies for the whole process - from design and manufacturing of parts to the airframe assembly.

The technologies to be developed in LOCOMACHS will be demonstrated in two physical wing boxes, one about 1.5 by 2 m and one about 1.5 by 1 m. These demonstrations will take place at the end of 2015 at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, UK.

The total budget for LOCOMACHS is 32.8 M€, of which 19.6 M€ is EC funded, and the project will last for 3.5 years. The consortium consists of 31 partners from 10 countries where the airframe industry, universities, research institutes and solution providers are represented. For Saab, the project is an important initiative in the airframe assembly of composite and metal parts.
Maria Weiland, Coordinator of LOCOMACHS at Saab Aeronautics, is very pleased with the outcome of the kick-off over the two days and look forward to the realization of the project.

Anders Rydbom, Head of Engineering at Saab Aerostructures, started the kick-off and pointed out that this project is very important for the structural development and assembly within Saab.

EC Project Officer Michael Kyriakopoulos spoke during the kick-off in Linköping.
Mr Kyriakopoulos is responsible for LOCOMACHS in the EC (European Commission).

During the kick-off the participants visited Saab Aerostructures to have a look at the assembly of the ailerons for the A320 among other things.