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One key issue for a robust structural assembly is to reduce as much as possible the impact of geometrical defaults of parts when positioning them and to secure geometrical quality of the final product with the same lead time.
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Advances made in LOCOMACHS

FITFLEX solution enables to balance gaps and forces of the component during the assembly process. It relies on : - ANATOLEFLEX modelling for realistic assembly simulation based on Finite Element modelling. (detailed assembly process definition, with gr

Contribution to LOCOMACHS High Level Objectives

  • Design and manufacturing rules defined and validated
  • Increased use of tolerance and variation management
  • Reduced recurring costs of shimming operations
  • Reduced recurring costs of dismantling operations
  • Reduced recurring costs through increased automation
  • Reduced NDI/NDT lead time
Lead partner EADS-IW
Other partner(s) LMS Samtech, CTH
Contact Hugo Falgarone
Applicability field(s) Assembly automation
Assembly system simulations
Assembly tooling
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