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Acousto-Ultrasonic Tomography (AUT) is an innovative NDT technique based on low frequency ultrasonic plate-like waves that are generated directly in contact with the part. Defect detection is performed by comparing the AU signal obtained on a reference

Advances made in LOCOMACHS

- The technology reduces scanning and interpretation time by providing an instantaneous imaging of The area within The array. - The technique can handle complex structures such as stringers or radii using a similar “one shot” inspection procedure. - Th

Contribution to LOCOMACHS High Level Objectives

  • Design and manufacturing rules defined and validated
  • Increased use of tolerance and variation management
  • Reduced recurring costs of shimming operations
  • Reduced recurring costs of dismantling operations
  • Reduced recurring costs through increased automation
  • Reduced NDI/NDT lead time
Lead partner CREO
Other partner(s) DASSAV, SONAXIS
Contact Christophe Mattei
Applicability field(s) Design for assembly
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