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- Integration of optical scanning capabilities and data processing software into NC machining equipment. - Alternatively: usage of external 3D scanning devices. - Geometrical adaptation of NC tool paths to optimize and automate the removal of sacrifici

Advances made in LOCOMACHS

- Automated on-machine 3D scanning of as-is geometries as one component of BCt'S the Adaptive Manufactruing System. - Adaptive machining for automated removal of sacrificial material. - Elimination of the need for precise clamping elements. Parts can

Contribution to LOCOMACHS High Level Objectives

  • Design and manufacturing rules defined and validated
  • Increased use of tolerance and variation management
  • Reduced recurring costs of shimming operations
  • Reduced recurring costs of dismantling operations
  • Reduced recurring costs through increased automation
  • Reduced NDI/NDT lead time
Lead partner BCT
Other partner(s) DASSAV, BAB, ALA
Contact Claus Bremer
Applicability field(s) Assembly automation
Assembly system simulations
Best fit build philosophy
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