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1. Implementing low cost standard camera and projection techniques for 3D metrology of spar and cover to determine necessary shimming thickness without pre assembly. 2. Height resolution < 0.1 mm, in a grid pattern with 10 mm pitch over 600 x 450 mm

Advances made in LOCOMACHS

High precision metrology (10 ?m repeatability demonstrated) over large areas at an equipment cost of ~3000 Euro, i.e. ~2% of a laser tracker. For efficient use the movement of the system should be operated by a robot or alternatively, multiple fixed p<

Contribution to LOCOMACHS High Level Objectives

  • Design and manufacturing rules defined and validated
  • Increased use of tolerance and variation management
  • Reduced recurring costs of shimming operations
  • Reduced recurring costs of dismantling operations
  • Reduced recurring costs through increased automation
  • Reduced NDI/NDT lead time
Lead partner KTH
Other partner(s) BAB, MTC
Contact Lars Mattsson
Applicability field(s) Assembly system simulations
Assembly tooling
Best fit build philosophy
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