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The amount of scattered/reflected light is a characteristic feature for rough surfaces. The angular distribution of scattered light corresponds to spatial frequencies in the surface and the scattered power reflects the amplitude of the roughness. The s

Advances made in LOCOMACHS

The principle works, repeatability is high, but the threshold on hole wall quality has not been verified. The working principle of this prototype was checked.

Contribution to LOCOMACHS High Level Objectives

  • Design and manufacturing rules defined and validated
  • Increased use of tolerance and variation management
  • Reduced recurring costs of shimming operations
  • Reduced recurring costs of dismantling operations
  • Reduced recurring costs through increased automation
  • Reduced NDI/NDT lead time
Lead partner KTH
Other partner(s) BAB
Contact Lars Mattsson
Applicability field(s) Best fit build philosophy
Design for assembly
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